Germany is a bike nation – it has the highest sales of any European country. Half a million
new bikes hit the streets each year. And there are all sorts of course, comfy, fast big and
small. People just love bikes.
And that love of bikes goes back a long way in Germany. Because one of the prototypes of
today’s biycle was invented in Baden-Württemberg. That design is 200 years old. The
anniversary cooinides with the bicycle trade fair. Innovation and lifestyle meet 200 years of
history. From practical to stylish, the bicycle trade fair is a good guage of how broad the
market now is – and where it’s going.
“Coboc“ is a German manufacturer of electric bikes. The battery is concealed in the
frame. The founders also focus on connectivity, and their bikes come with an app.
OTON1: Pius Warken – Coboc Founder
„…you use it to configure the bike, to read off data, and this networking offers all sorts
of opportunities going forward.“
Networks and new opportunities – that is the concept of „myBoo“. The new company has
been developing bicycles in Kiel that are made in Ghana. Their sales of bamboo bikes
create jobs in Ghana and also fund social projects in the country.
OTON2: Felix Habke – my Boo Bamboo Bicycles
“We stumbled upon the idea of the bamboo bike by chance. We saw a picture, started to
do some research and pretty soon we met our current partner in Ghana. We went and had
a look at it there, we loved it right away and said to ourselves: we want to work together
with these people.“
The company’s image video shows how sustainable value creation can be achieved on a
small budget. At the moment, they’re financing the building of a school.
Bike riding is not a privilege. People with physical disabilities can also enjoy biking. Riding
bikes really is something for everyone. The bike highway in the Ruhr is a symbol of
Germany’s journey to becoming a biking nation. Once it’s finished, the bike highway will
be about 100 km long and cross the whole of the Ruhr region.
In Germany biking continues to enjoy massive popularity, with electric bikes giving the
industry another boost. Innovations from southern Germany and a social project from the
north with connections to Ghana. Two success stories that show what the bicycle has
become after 200 years: from a means of transport to a a piece of global history. Across
Germany, and for everyone.