Germany is an educational hub in the centre of Europe, and a diverse array of universities with all sorts of specialities promote research and teaching. And because education knows no borders, Erasmus in all its facets has been one of the most successful educational programmes of the EU.
Oton 1: Prof. Margret Wintermantel – President DAAD
“Of course it’s a great opportunity, for young people to go abroad, and study – at an age when they are very open to new experiences. When they can hone their intercultural skills and enter dialogue with each other.”
Across Europe, more than four million young people have taken part in the programm. The number of countries deemed partner nations has long gone beyond the European Union. Young people come from many parts of the world, meet on campus, and sometimes they even live together.
Oton2: Cesario – Erasmus Student from Italien
«I am Cesario, I am 22 years old. I‘m from Napoli, Italy.»
Oton3: Robert – Erasmus Student from Finnland
«I am Robert, I am from Finland and lived in Helsinki for the past three years…»
Oton4: Silas – from Brazil
«My name is Silas and I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.»
«I am studying architecture in Berlin.»
«My classes usual start at eight. So I wake up round 6:30, take a shower and have breakfast.»
«Now I am here in Berlin since September, so that makes about seven months… Here in Berlin I am studying electrical engineering.»
«I never studied German before and now I am able to graduate.»
«We always cook together, so after five or six we are only talking about what are we gonna cook today?»
«Do you want to cook Italian pasta?»
«Right now what I see different from before is being more respectful, more patient with other people.»
«When you find yourself alone in another city you are kind of forced to the things you would not do in your own town.»
«For me it made the world smaller.»
More than 350 universities in Germany take part in the Erasmus programme. As in all participating countries, Erasmus students don’t have to pay tuition fees. And they also have access to mobilitiy grants. Erasmus is a diverse educational programme – but it’s also a window onto Europe and the world.
Oton14: Rita Mercedes Begines Cid – Erasmus Alumna
“I think Erasmus is an opportunity to develop not just academically or professionally, but personally too.“