Germany’s energy transition – is not just about changing how we produce and use energy. It’s about reorganizing the economic system.
OTON – Rainer Baakel – German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy
We’re talking about a process that will take several decades. A structural change is occuring, a change that also throws up major opportunities, namely for those who invest now in new energy efficient technology.
OTON – Frank-Walter Steinmeier – German Foreign Minister
More than a quarter of the electricity generated in Germany is renewable, but that is not enough. The energy transition is also about international networks, and learning from one another.
Is that economically viable? New technology is replacing traditional technology that’s widely accepted. Why should German business accept the change and all its consequences? One response from the engineering sector, dominated by small and medium sized firms with high turnovers, is the “Blue Competence“ initiative.
OTON - Dr. Reinhold Festge – Entrepeneur and VDMA President
“Everybody can join in, and say, I’m going to help, I have this example, I’d like to learn how to make my own production more effcient, and how to make my own products more efficiently. We already have 440 companies interested in the scheme.“
OTON – Rainer Baakel – German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy
“This is my experience: a lot of medium sized companies have used the energy transition to conquer the market with great new ideas.“
On the one hand, the energy transition depends on improvements in energy efficiency that impact every industrial sector. But it also relies on renewable energy – and here there is a major challenge to overcome:
OTON - Dr. Reinhold Festge – Entrepeneur and VDMA President
“Solar technology, wind technology we can master, we’ve also mastered transmission technology, but we don’t yet have a solution for storage technology.“
OTON - Silke Bosse – Product Manager at BAE Batteries
Every day we adapt our products to the needs of this market. We are investing in R&D to improve the technology, to expand it, and to combine it with the latest technology out there.
A medium-sized lead-battery producer which manufactures exclusively in Germany is a fine example of how the energy transition is mobilizing businesses.
OTON - Silke Bosse – Product Manager, BAE
We are very proud of having developed products specifically for the renewable energy sector. We want to go even further and supply the mass storage market, the energy regulation market, and the market for buffer storage.
Efforts that are needed long term. Because the energy transition has become an international competition.
OTON - Rainer Baake - German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy:
“We would be well advised to work closely with our neighbours and tap the European market for the energy transition, it offers major opportunities, and I’m convinced that a purely national energy transition won’t work as efficiently“.