Fight against Piracy

Common Fight against piracy off the coast of Tanzania

Pirate attacks increase in the exclusive economic zone (about 370 km off the coast) of Tanzania, threatening the economic development of the country. “If we don't succeed in stopping these attacks they may disrupt shipping services and impact negatively on our economy.” said President Kikwete in a statement at the 66th sessions of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

Tanzania and the international community are strengthening their common efforts to combat piracy off the East African coast. The Tanzanian navy has fought off attacking pirates and arresting them. Germany as part of the European Union is patrolling the Indian Ocean, fighting the causes of modern piracy and supporting national jurisdictions to cope with upcoming trials.

Together we have to intensify the fight against piracy.

German Navy combating piracy in East Africa

The German Navy is taking action against piracy in the Indian Ocean. Together with another 28 states Germany is engaged in the military operation „ATALANTA“ led by the European Union.

Since the start of the operation in December 2008 piracy attacks have significantly decreased in the area of operation.

Germany is not only militarily engaged in the region. It is also helping to fight the causes of modern piracy. To this end Germany substantially supports the African Union Mission (AMISON) in Somalia. AMISON is supporting the transitional governmental structures, train national security forces and ensuring a safe environment for humanitarian aid.

Recommendations for shipping companies, ship operators and seafarers

All vessels entering the high risk area are advised to comply with the „Best Management Practices“ which have been developed by international shipping organisations and military navies. Additionally the regularly updated advices of the Maritime Security Centre – Horn of Africa and the NATO Shipping Centre.

Yachts and other leisure craft are strongly advised not to enter or transit the high risk area at any time.

Fight against Piracy

European Union Naval Force Somalia – Operation ATALANTA

You can find interactive facts and figures section which contains details of the vessels and hostages currently held by pirates, gives details of reported piracy incidents since 2009, and interactive tables and graphs which can display historic statistics about piracy and Operation Atalanta.

UNODC and Piracy

Information on the UNODC counter-piracy programme (CPP)