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Tanzanian and German students visit the German Embassy

A group of Tanzanian and German students from the Universities of Dar es Salaam and Muenster visited the German Embassy in Umoja House. The so called Pamoja exchange project once emerged from a seminar at the University of Muenster dealing with practical development cooperation issues. The self-organized student exchange aims to bring together students from both countries on an equal footing on topics of culture, history and development cooperation. Next year the Tanzanian students will visit Germany to deepen the relationship between both countries.

Current informations from the Cultural Sector

International Coaching Courses

Every year, as part of the foreign cultural and educational policy of the German Federal Foreign Office, the Sports Faculty of the University of Leipzig organizes courses of postgraduate studies for coaches and physical education teachers coming from developing countries, each of a duration of 5 months and are offered in four alternating specializations and  languages.

A course also is offered of postgraduate studies for sport managers and coaches coming from developing countries according to the DAC list and the OECD, of a duration of 4 month and in English language.

Coaching Courses [pdf, 1,148.24k]

Sports Management [pdf, 575.06k]  

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Environmental Management courses in 2017/18 at the Technical University Dresden in Germany

Courses are being financed by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety in cooperation with UNESCO and UNEP. The programme, implemented by the Center for International Postgraduate Studies for Environmental Management (CIPSEM) at the Technical University Dresden, is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

The association Afghan Rehabilitation Group e.V.  is keen to provide women with vocational training and employment.

The Cultural Preservation Programme of the Federal Foreign Office

Since 1981 the Federal Republic of Germany has supported the preservation of cultural heritage across the world through the Federal Foreign Office’s Cultural Preservation Programme, with the aim of strengthening people’s sense of their own national identity in the partner country and fostering cultural dialogue among partners. The Programme has become a very effective instrument of German cultural relations and education policy.

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Musical Life in Germany

German's musical life is noted for its diversity, high quality and geographic density - keywords that continue as ever to define Germany's special reputation as a land of music.

Cultural life in Germany

Cultural life in Germany is varied and exciting - why not discover it for yourself!

Wir wollen, dass Sie sicher reisen. Broschüre des Auswärtigen Amts

Germany for Kids

Find out how the kids/watoto in Germany live, what they like to do, how they pass the day at school....

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Studying in Germany

Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst

Germany is an attractive place in which to study, offering international degrees such as Bachelor and Master degrees, courses taught in English and a system which enables credits for attendance and examination passes to be accumulated and transferred.

DAAD Nairobi Regional Office for Africa

High School Exchanges

High School Exchanges

High school students ready to jump into another way of life and language should consider spending a year abroad in Germany. Many organizations, both private and public, offer opportunities for young people interested in doing a high school exchange. Find out what it is like, how to find a school, and how the German school system works on Young Germany.

Why learn German?

Information for people who want to take a front seat in the twenty-first century.

Study opportunities in East-Africa, Scholarships for LLM and PhD studies offered

The Tanzanian-German Centre for Postgraduate Studies in Law (TGCL) offers aspiring lawyers and law students a structured LLM and PhD study programme with the goal of qualifying them for leading positi...

Excellence in Engineering and the Sciences Made in Germany

TU9 is the alliance of the leading institutes of technology in Germany. They offer a wide range of courses in engineering and the sciences as well as an excellent all-round education.

Scholarship and support programme: students do better when they feel at home


From welcome breakfasts to friendship programmes, German universities come up with lots of interesting ways of making it easier for international students to settle into their new surroundings. The DAAD offers them a combined scholarship and support programme (STIBET), which is funded by the Federal Foreign Office. It supports introductory events and country evenings as well as specialist support for foreign doctoral students. Projects like Die Brücke (The Bridge) in Münster have developed their own special approaches and act as examples for other universities.

Weimar has the best international university in Germany

Universität Weimar erhält Auszeichnung

The Bauhaus University in Weimar, Thuringia, describes itself as being eager to experiment, open and creative, and it seeks proximity to industrial practice. But now, it can also boast the title of “best international university 2011” in Germany. This year the university came first in the “international university” competition.