German Honorary Consuls in Tanzania

German Honorary Consul in Arusha

Any person whose fingerprints were collected in the past at the Embassy in Dar es Salaam when applying for a Schengen visa may hand in his or her new application for a Schengen visa for an additional fee of 30 Euro at the office of our Honorary Consul Ulf Kusserow in Arusha. Here are the address and opening times:

Ulf A. Kusserow

physical address:

Sabel Square Shopping Village, just next to ISM Arusha Campus,

Groundfloor main wing

postal address:

opening hours:
Wednesday 10:00-12:00 a. m.
02:00-04:00 p. m.

How to contact Mr. Kusserow during opening hours:

Mobil: +255 - 754  789603
Mobil: +255 - 787  789603

Mobil: +255 - 787 981797

Mobil: +255 - 742 660812

German Honorary Consul on Zanzibar

Jens-Dominic Warth

physical address:
Coming from Town turn right towards Chukwani, just before Mazizini Police Station.

After about 350 m you will see on ur right the Pamoja Vocational Centre , just before the Parliament Building.
postal address:
P.O.Box 3722


opening hours:
Monday: 09:00-12:00 a. m.
Wednesday - Friday: 02:00-04:00 p. m.

How to contact Mr. Warth during opening hours:

Mobil: +255 772 061731
Mobil: +255 774 700 718

PS: call before for an appointment