Green Climate Fund, Germany and Tanzania to work together on climate change adaptation

In the first Green Climate Fund (GCF) Board meeting of 2017, the Board approved a grant funding of EUR 102.7 million through KfW, Germany’s development bank, for the “Simiyu Climate Resilience Project” in Tanzania. The Government of the Federal Republic of Germany is proud to have supported the request for funding and complements the project with an additional grant worth EUR 26.1 million. The Government of the United Republic of Tanzania will make available EUR 14.6 million. The total project volume of EUR 143.4 million equals roughly 333 billion Tanzanian shillings.

In Simiyu, people used to fetch drinking water from local surface waters like rivers and shallow wells. With climate change, these sources are no longer reliable. Dry spells are getting longer and more intense. Especially women have to walk longer and longer distances in search for water and often, they are forced to fill their buckets from contaminated ponds. Rainfall patterns are more erratic and endanger income and livelihood of farmers and pastoralists.

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The project therefore responds to the two main adaptation needs in Simiyu: provision of drinking water and farming conditions. It will secure drinking water supply through a pipeline from Lake Victoria and introduce techniques of climate smart agriculture. Experiences from the project will be used to improve the government’s regulatory framework for climate adaptation.

The decision of the GCF was reached during the 16th meeting < > of the Board (B.16) at GCF Headquarters in Songdo, Republic of Korea. More than 250 participants took part in the 16th Board meeting, including observers from civil society and private sector organizations, National Designated Authorities (NDAs), Accredited Entities, and GCF Delivery Partners. Video recordings of the GCF Board meetings are available on the Fund’s website< >.

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